The FASTCASH mobile app is here

The FASTCASH mobile app is here

The Interchange FASTCASH mobile app was developed by the Interchange team in South Africa in conjunction with Western Union. It is now available in South Africa first, and eventually it will be rolled-out throughout Africa as well as, eventually, Europe and Australia.

The FASTCASH app is quick and easy to use and allows customers to send and receive money without having to visit a cash exchange office or order online. Available in the Apple, Google Play and Huawei stores, as well as through the Interchange website, customers, after going through an initial registration process, are able to transfer funds through just a few quick taps and clicks, as well as being able to retrieve their transaction history and download receipts.

Western Union services are offered through a combined network of over 500,000 consultant locations in 200 countries and territories, and it has completed approximately 262 million consumer-to-consumer transactions worldwide through its digital, mobile and retail channels. Together these offer an array of convenient pay-out options, allowing the company to have moved more than $82 billion of principal between consumers to date.

The Interchange FASTCASH app is one of several new initiatives that are being led by the Interchange Africa team and which will eventually be available throughout the world. Keep on eye on the Interchange website for all of its latest news and information.

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