Interchange launches its online calculator in all European countries in which it operates, as well as the USA


Interchange launches its online calculator in all European countries in which it operates, as well as the USA

The Interchange online calculator has been very successful in the Czech Republic, where it has been running as part of a pilot programme since the summer of 2016, and where it has seen a steady growth in online orders. During the course of 2017, the online calculator has been rolled out through many of the other Interchange operations and this useful online service is now also available in Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and the USA.

The online calculator tool enables customers to book their currency online and then collect it at Interchange branches at the airports and in the cities in which it operates. A 0% commission rate is guaranteed for all online orders.

Making an order through the online calculator is a simple and straightforward process, plus it offers customers transparent and competitive exchange rates that are updated daily, as well as the ability to book their currency in advance of their travel both out of and into the country.

Talking about the online calculator, Alastair Holberton, the Group CEO said:
”No longer is it only products and goods that are offered at best prices online; now services are following a similar pattern. Whether it is hotels, air tickets, car rental all are generally cheaper for customers that book online. We offer our customers the same opportunity to enjoy the benefits of very competitive rates and 0% commission on all online bookings made through our website.”

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We guarantee you a better rate compared with the rates in our branches if you arrange the transaction online.

Place your order by using the Currency Order Form provided to reserve foreign currency. Interchange will then contact you directly to give you the current exchange rate for the currency you require. Please note that this may differ from the rate applied at the time of actual purchase, depending on currency movements.

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