Date20th March 2023

Written by adrian

A new branch in Budapest’s busiest traffic junction

Interchange won the tender conducted by the Budapest Transport company for the business premises located in Deák Square, the city’s busiest traffic junction.

Deák Square, together with the neighbouring Erzsébet Square, is considered the heart of the capital, where the elegant Andrássy avenue and the modern luxury shopping street Fashion street start, from which Vörösmarty Square and Váci street are just steps away.

The square is the hub of the city’s metro network, where Budapest’s 3 metro lines meet, the centre of 3 busy tram lines, and the bus line connects the city centre with Liszt Ferenc International Airport also runs here.

The branch is located in the centre of the transfer complex connecting the metro lines. 100,000 people use the Deák tér metro stations every day.

The business premises will accommodate 2 ATMs and a Bureau de Change with one workstation.

After renovations and licensing, the store is expected to open on June 5. This will be the company’s 13th downtown store, together with the 6 airport and 1 agglomeration unit, our services will be available in 20 places in and around Budapest.