Date23rd June 2020

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Interchange enters into a joint venture with ZamPost – the Zambian Postal Services Corporation

23rd June, 2020: Interchange Africa announces today that it has entered into a joint venture to manage the Money Transfer Services of the Zambian Postal Services Corporation (‘ZamPost’). This new relationship follows on from its successful cooperation with NIPOST in Nigeria

The planned service enhancement is for foreign exchange services to also be provided at Livingstone International and Kenneth Kaunda International airports.

In these times of the Covid-19 Pandemic it is more essential than ever to provide reliable, fast, and competitive money transfers through the widest and most convenient network, as this is often the only means available to migrants to provide indispensable financial support to their families, hence a key driver of grassroots financial inclusion.

Talking about this new joint venture, Adrian Coetzee, the Managing Director of interchange Africa, said:

“This is real recognition of the professionalism and expertise we can bring to traditional postal services throughout Africa. We welcome this partnership with ZamPost and we aim to build a vibrant business over the coming years as this is an essential service to communities throughout the country.”