Date12th October 2023

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The importance of having enough travel cash

Travelling without cash money? Better always take enough local currency with you, as usually it is easier to pay small amounts such as taxis, souvenirs or drinks in cash. Often it is even stated: Sorry, cash only – no credit cards! Moreover, how do you tip rewarding outstanding services in all inclusive resorts? And what to do, if your credit and ATM cards don´t work or are stolen? Therefore, don’t forget to change enough cash before travelling and you will never end up moneyless abroad.

Whether for booking a flight, paying deposits or cashless payments, credit cards are important travel companions. Nevertheless, it´s better not to stake everything on one card. Due to malfunctions of ATMs or credit card terminals, losing the cards or no possibility to pay cashless you can easily find yourself without money. In some countries, credit and bank cards are even blocked and cannot be used. If you don´t rely on plastic money exclusively, you will never encounter these situations!

Not for spontaneous purchases and emergencies only

Strolling through romantic alleys and small boutiques, exploring lively markets or enjoying long walks on the beach – that´s an essential part of our holidays. There are numerous opportunities to buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, to have a relaxed shopping experience or to enjoy drinks and small snacks at wonderful places full of flair.

In many small shops, at market stalls or flying traders, however, you cannot pay cashless. Taxis, snack stands and bars often do not accept credit cards, as well. Therefore, before you miss your flight or stay hungry, you better always have enough cash in local currency with you.

Likewise, in all inclusive resorts it is a good idea to have some cash with you. You like to enjoy a cocktail in the sunset on the beach or a cozy afternoon coffee by the pool? If you appreciate the great service, the employees will be happy to get some tip – preferably in cash.

Interchange is your reliable partner

Visit one of the Interchange branches before your departure or order enough of the local currency using our online ordering system. With our buy back guarantee, you can even change a larger amount without exchange rate risk – ensuring you have enough travel cash abroad. We will take back at the same rate what you don´t spend.

Your advantages

  • Lots of central branches
  • No waiting times for foreign currencies: All common currencies in stock in the branches
  • Reservation via our online ordering system at
  • Buy back guarantee: We will take back your remaining cash at the same rate